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Revolutionising Enterprise Websites: CGM Case Study

In this case study, we will explore the implementation of CGM, an innovative enterprise website solution powered by Google Sheets, AI, and WordPress. CGM aims to transform traditional enterprise websites by providing a scalable and efficient platform for managing large volumes of content. This case study will highlight the challenges faced by Desevens Digital and how we successfully addressed their needs.

Client: CGM Partners

Date : 24 March 2023

Categories: Web Development


CGM wanted a website which when mapped out was about 50k  unique high quality pages. Their existing website infrastructure, built on outdated content management systems (CMS), was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and manage. Updating content across thousands of pages was a labor-intensive process, leading to inefficiencies and delays. Desevens Digital sought a solution that would streamline content management, enhance scalability, and integrate advanced technologies like AI.

Our Final Solution

We proposed a solution that involved some of the following:

1. Streamline content management across the entire website.
2. Improve the efficiency and accuracy of content updates.
3. Enhance scalability to accommodate future growth.
4. Incorporate AI capabilities to automate repetitive tasks.
5. Utilize Google Sheets as a flexible and collaborative data source.
5. Leverage the capabilities of WordPress to create a user-friendly interface.

The final implementation of CGM proved to be the ideal solution for the CGM Partner’s requirements. CGM combines the power of Google Sheets, AI, and WordPress to create an enterprise website platform that simplifies content management and maximizes efficiency. Making it possible to generate and update tens of thousands of pages using Google sheets. The key components of the solution are as follows:

Google Sheets Integration: CGM leverages Google Sheets as the central repository for content management. By integrating Google Sheets, CGM gains a collaborative and user-friendly interface for managing their vast amount of website content. The Google Sheets integration enables multiple stakeholders to simultaneously edit and update content, eliminating the need for manual synchronization and reducing the risk of errors.

AI-powered Automation: CGM incorporates AI capabilities to automate various tasks involved in content management. CGM benefits from automated content tagging, search engine optimization (SEO) suggestions, and content categorization. These AI-driven features save time, improve accuracy, and enhance the overall user experience.

WordPress Integration: CGM seamlessly integrates with WordPress, one of the most popular CMS platforms. The integration allows CGM to leverage the robust features of WordPress, such as customizable templates, plugins, and user-friendly editing tools. The company can easily manage their extensive website content using WordPress’s intuitive interface.



Streamlined Content Management: CGM simplified content management by centralising all website content in Google Sheets. This streamlined approach enabled faster updates and eliminated the need to navigate through complex CMS interfaces. The website experienced a significant reduction in content management time.

Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy: The AI-powered automation features of CGM greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy of content updates. Automated content tagging and categorization ensured consistent metadata application, leading to better searchability and user experience. The integration of SEO suggestions helped optimize web pages for improved search engine rankings.

Scalability and Flexibility: CGM’s architecture provided scalability to accommodate the ever-growing website of the CGM app. The combination of Google Sheets and WordPress allowed for easy scaling and customization of the website, ensuring a future-proof solution that could adapt to changing business needs.


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